Reading, Writing, & Sociology???

by sharanpaul1

The higher you advance in college, the more time it takes to get your homework done.  I swear I have done nothing except read and write since classes started!  I love my classes, but I always love my classes.  Well, except for Sociology.  Does anyone ever like Sociology?  I do not think so.  The lectures are long and…..there is no nice way to say it…..boring.  Culture, values, and norms are bad enough, but do I really have to know how they apply to society?

The most disturbing part of Sociology is that I do not agree with anything I have heard so far.  My lip is swollen from biting it, to keep myself from shouting out, “That’s wrong!” every day.  I am not a fan of Freud or Karl Marx, and I so don’t care about Social Darwinism.  However, the part of this course that bothers me the most is the section on aging.  I am not sure where the authors of our textbook get their information, but I am here to tell you it is all wrong.

Perpetuating the stereotypes of aging is harmful to old people.  Our book states that people over 55 years old (yes, that would be me) do not think creatively or care to learn new things.  I had to laugh at that one!  I was the one who compared The Espionage Act of 1914 to Homeland Security!  I gave a speech about weight loss while eating a cupcake!  I compared a Shakespeare sonnet to a teenage girl with a crush on a rockstar!  I not only learned how to work email, I am now adept at FaceBook, Twitter, and other social media!  I even wrote an academic text on the subject of using social media to help college students!

According to the textbook, old people lose their friends and do not care to make new ones.  I have so many new friends since I started college, that I had to get a bigger memory card for my cell phone!  My friends and I text, shop, eat, go to concerts and movies, and study together.  I know that Olivia is going to dress as an Indian for Halloween, Gary is a good sport about practical jokes, Joe loves scary movies, and Andrea’s boyfriend is a total jerk.  They know that I love to bake, get good grades, and like to have fun as much as they do.

Sociology is essential to satisfy a science requirement for my degree.  I will pass the class, because I do not want to take it again.  And that is about the best thing I can say about a class that makes old people (like me) look useless and unsociable.  Maybe the sociologists who wrote all this nonsense should follow me for a week.  That is, if they can keep up!