All Majors Are Major

by sharanpaul1

In college, there is not one major concentration of study that is more important than another.  Each discipline is essential to the world beyond the university campus.  And while all students know that their major is most important to them, most understand it is not the only major that counts.  Problems arise only when a student assigns more value to one major above other majors.  A junior in one of my classes this semester was one of ‘those people’ who thinks their major is the only one worth pursuing.  She prefaced every comment with, “I’m a psychology major…”  like it gave her musings more credibility.  It did not.  She also adopted a superior attitude, making sure that her tone of voice exuded sarcasm for anyone with an opposing view.  This classmate had a bad habit of calling other students, like me, stupid, when she felt our perspective was not worth discussing.   As intelligent as she thought she was, (you know-a psychology major) the best she could say was that something was stupid?  Seriously?  What I first took offense to, eventually left me laughing.

It is a critical error to consider one major requires  more intelligence than another.  While it may sound like you are smarter by saying you are a Shakespeare Scholar, it takes just as much intelligence to be a business major.  In fact, I believe every major at the college I attend requires a great amount of aptitude.  It is not about the scores on an IQ test, but more the ability to learn in a given major and apply the lessons to career or life situations.  A law student is no smarter than an English major, and it does not take a rocket scientist to know that history is just as important as nursing.

All fields of study are interconnected with other disciplines.  In determining that one major is superior to other majors,  the option of  useful collaboration is denied.  When studies are multidisciplinary, the focus is more comprehensive and encompasses a more realistic outcome.  Two minds are better than one.  A law student must be an expert at close reading (English Major) to fully analyze court documents and write briefs.  It is critical for an environmental scientist to  understand the past  (History Major) in order to determine the future course of global warming.  A business major will not be successful if he can not express the company mission statement to co-workers (Communication Major).  I have used lessons from classes outside my major field of study just as much as the course specific requirements.  It is impossible to determine what major is more essential than others, because they are all essential.

A word of advice to the psychology major whose best remark was that the question was ‘stupid’ : Hang out with the English Majors–It will expand your vocabulary!