School Violence Hits Home

by sharanpaul1

Today I received an automated call from my grandson’s elementary school.  It was his principal stating that bullets were found on the playground, but everything was fine, nothing to worry about.  Seriously??? 

According to the phone call, a student had the bullets in his coat pocket after squirrel hunting the night before, that he simply forgot about.  His coat had a hole in the pocket and the bullets just fell out. It was only bullets, there was no weapon found after a thorough search.  The county sheriff’s office was called, and thanked for their help. No problem.  No worries.  I am not going to lie.  I AM worried.

I picked my grandson up early today.  In fact, I went to get him immediately after the phone call.  He told me the kids had to leave the playground in the middle of recess, returned to their respective classrooms, and minutes later allowed to return outside to finish recess.  On the same playground the bullets were found.  Their recess is less than thirty minutes.  How long does a ‘thorough’ search take?  Probably more than 15-20 minutes.  He also mentioned he did not see any police cars or police.  Hmmmmm…..I assumed from the way the phone message was worded that the sheriff’s office came to the school and aided in the search? 

The most disturbing part was that we were told there was nothing to worry about because there was no weapon found.  It was just ‘bullets’–which became ‘just casings’ in statements later that day.  The school made an announcement over the PA system telling the students, ranging in age from five years to twelve years old, that if they see anything like bullets on the playground not to touch them.  So, everything is okay.  It’s NOT okay with me.

Am I being over reactive and paranoid?  Probably.  But in light of the recent attacks on school children in this same age group, how can I not over react?

Am I being too UN-trusting of the people that I entrust my beautiful grandson to each day?  Absolutely!  School officials across the country are fooling themselves if they think violence only happens in other schools.

Do I have a solution, or even a suggestion that could stop the growing panic I feel when I realize that violence could happen in our small town elementary school?  Not a clue. But I will do my best to help find one.